Crop Care By Aer

Managing your crops



Get the full service care that you need to ensure a successful crop. It's our pleasure to provide you with all types of aerial spraying including seeding, spraying, and granular application of insecticides, herbicides, defoliation, and fertilizers.

Equipped with exceptional equipment

Servicing 10 counties in the greater area

Striving to meet all your needs every day

Understanding the importance and significance of agricultural spraying and chemical application is what sets us apart from the rest. Let us take care of it all for you including your range land management.

Our expert team operates 2 planes to serve you, and each plane is equipped with a satellite guidance system ensuring our guys are in the right place at the right time.

It's important that you get what you need regardless of where you live. Our 2 planes are able to service a wide area including Pratt, Stafford, Edwards, Reno, Ford, Kiowa, Kingman, Clark, Comache, and Barber counties.

Giving your crops just what they need to flourish 620-723-2211

Aerial spraying